Tapos ko na ang harry potter book 7 hehe atlast… wala na rin ako hihintayin. Im planning to read them all again… but not now… siguro pag nagkaroon ako ng mahaba habang bakasyon

My Review:

Well, the it was okay, but I was expecting more from it since its the final installment of the hp series and all… and I’m also disappointed with Harry and Voldy’s final battle… there was a lot of talk and little action. Although, I was thrilled at the battle for Hogwarts! It was an absolute slaughterhouse.

And also, I didn’t like Pettigrew’s end.. it was too sudden. But I loved the way the relationship between Snape & Dumbledore was explained . I kind of knew there was more to it.

Some other disappointments of mine in the story were the lack of detail at the end in the aftermath. How did everyone react to the defeat of Voldemort and the deaths? I also believed that the love of Ginny and Harry deserved a better treatment before the epilogue, surely Harry could have embraced her after the Hogwart’s battle and taken her to the Headmaster’s office with Ron and Hermione.

And another thing, I wish JKR had mentioned the Dursley’s in the end.

Oh well… I’m hoping that the movie will be much more interesting 🙂


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