The panic button!


Its been months since i last talked to my long lost client/friend
regarding a website that I promised to make. I promised to give him the finished site last april and its already
august! ❗ (time flies fast! must be using ultra powered jet plane… ho hum)

Gee Im such a retard I dont have anything to show him yet! And now all stressed out and with the lack of time…
I have to make a darn website in a week! 😥
I hope it’ll be something he’ll appreciate… I have to cut the price in half as consuelo for the major delay…
Now I have to think of some excuse for being late…. 😦 wah im so bad!
Well, you cant blame me! I’ve been busy you know… working and sulking…

Im utterly depressed for the past few months
that I’ve disappointed so many people… friends, family, even myself and my pet dog.. and broken lots of promises too… hahaayyy
well rant rant blah blah… have to do something… i wish i can use 100% of my brain… and that i wont space out..
now i have to squeeze all the creative juice out of me 😕


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