too long…

how long has it been since i last posted something here?

i see cobwebs on every corner of this blog! lol

blame me for being damn lazy. But I havent been here mostly because I dont have anything interesting to write about since my life has always been pretty boring, well, atleast for me.

Okay, so I just woke up on a self-induced coma and I’m back. I might write a thing or two here but not all the time… as if someone is actually watching my blog for new posts… sigh, im talking mostly to myself right now hee.. i kinda like that feeling lol

Anyway, whats the recent highlight of my life…. my mom, got remarried to Ian, a nice and decent Irish bloke who is 2 years younger than her. Wanna see the pictures? I will post it next time… 🙂


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