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guilty pleasures

May 15, 2009

ha, i have a secret… well, its not a secret anymore since i’ll be posting what it is here. Recently, I’ve been reading romance novels of the fictional kind, like vampires falling in love with werewolves, witches with vampires…etc. etc. I know, its like a theraphy thing for my pathetic love life… sigh… I’ve been […]

im falling out of love

May 4, 2009

After my last post, I realize that I am falling out of love with my boyfriend. Im so unhappy. I’ve been holding on for so long and trying to save the relationship, that I’m denying myself happiness. But I dont know how to start and break it to him, that I no longer see him […]

I’m inlove with a fictional character

May 4, 2009

I’m in-love with a fictional character. Yes its true, but I wont say who that character is. I can’t help it, if only in reality there’s really that perfect guy. A guy who would understand you, or if not he would try his very best to, who forgives your shortcomings and adores your quirks. A […]