im falling out of love

After my last post, I realize that I am falling out of love with my boyfriend. Im so unhappy. I’ve been holding on for so long and trying to save the relationship, that I’m denying myself happiness. But I dont know how to start and break it to him, that I no longer see him as someone I love. I still want him to be a friend, afterall both of us belong in the same group of friends since college. We’ve both shared so many things thats why its hard to just let it go. But am I just fooling myself when I no longer feel the same way about him? And I know somehow he feels the same way too, he’s been distant, I’ve been trying to tell him over and over how unhappy I am that theres something wrong, but still we couldnt do anything. I’m beginning to resent him. 😦 I feel so bad


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