guilty pleasures

ha, i have a secret… well, its not a secret anymore since i’ll be posting what it is here. Recently, I’ve been reading romance novels of the fictional kind, like vampires falling in love with werewolves, witches with vampires…etc. etc.

I know, its like a theraphy thing for my pathetic love life… sigh… I’ve been devouring book after book after book… and i got addicted! It’s just unfair how perfect those romance novels are…  and aside from that, their world is fantastic! I would give up everything just to be inside that magical world of the lore. I could just imagine -I have like a super power… I could be a sorceress.. an evil witch… hahahaha

I’ve spent a lot of money since the past month buying pocket books hehe… if only I live in fantasy, life would be very interesting and wonderful ^^


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