Return to me my wallet…

How many times did I curse myself last saturday??…Well, atleast a dozen times!

The reason?

Coz I freaking lost my wallet!!!

I dont know where in G4 I lost it, if I left it at the food court or at the ladies room. Seriously, I was at a lost and I was not thinking straight at the time. But still, I’m the one to blame, I am soooo careless! Anyway, the wallet includes my SSS ID, my 2 mastercard, citibank card, bpi atm, sm advantage, mercury drugstore suki card, my massage discount card, and P1500+… good thing I was able to call and block my credit cards and atm before someone else could use it. Too bad I really like that wallet, and Im still thinking what else I lost in there.. I hope the one who got my wallet really needed the cash. Geee, but I’ve been down lately ever since. And I have to apply for another SSS ID and stuff… sighhhhh…

Atleast, I learned a lesson from this… be more attentive, double check everything before I leave a public restaurant or comfort room.. etc. and presence of mind. :/


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