passing time

What’s up with everyone in my family getting pregnant or married? I think I am the only one who is not settling down. And the only one in my batch in the family who is not married or has a child. It’s not like I’m complaining or anything, although, I sound like one. It’s just that, I feel time move sooo fast. I just wish I can keep up with the pace. I’m still stuck in my own world, y’ know.. more like stuck in books and in my fictional realm HA! If only I can control time and make my world real. Sigh… in love and in life I am like an observer who just looks at it, and never participates in it. Should I complain? Is this what I really want in life? I thought I’m content with just this, but I dont know. Hmmm until I figure out what I want in life… I’m still here day dreaming… passing time…


2 Responses to “passing time”

  1. never complain in your life. everything has its own reasons why it appears like that. maybe you don’t see it today. always count your blessings. regards.

  2. I really thought no one reads my blog hehe but its really nice to know that someone does. Thanks for the comment appreciate it =)

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