True Blood Series

I bought a DVD series of True Blood, and I was so disappointed with it. They put a lot of sex scenes and added so many nonsense in the series, like the story of Tara… and what’s up with Tara and Sam? They barely know each other in the book, I don’t even think they’ve spoken to each other and yet in the series they made love so many times.. Uck! And Tara in the series is so bitchy! I guess they have to expand the story to have more airtime, but seriously, I really hate it. They put more sex than sense in it! And another thing, the scenes when Jason and May where making love was so bizarre…. in the book they don’t describe that having vampire blood is gonna make you become a wacky drug addict!– Whats up with the sparkles? lol

And again, I really don’t think Anna Paquin suit being Sookie Stackhouse, a) She got no boobs (She has some, but it’s not big enough like the book’s Sookie, really that’s Sookie’s greatest physical asset) b) I really dont like the gap between her front teeth its very disturbing when she smiles (I know I’m mean, but geesh I kept looking at it whenever she smiles or talks) c) I dont like the way she acts, she’s too bubbly and perky it’s soo unSookie like :/

And, moreso, it’s like the series itself revolve around sex, geesh, the book is not like that, intimate scenes in the book is not even that graphic! The tv series is very disturbing… I’m not a prude it’s just that I’d rather fast forward to the parts that make sense than watch weird love scenes.

Sigh… Oh well, atleast the story in the book is far more interesting. Anyway, I still love Sookie and Eric. They both should end up together. I still like the book and I prefer it more than watching the TV series version. ‘Nuff said.


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