Just saw Smashin’ Robots movie

Because of it’s popularity and also because of the great reviews given to this movie– I can’t help but join the crowd by also watching Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen. And ofcourse I wouldn’t pass viewing it on the big screen- heck its a block buster!

Anyway, I’m glad I’ve seen it, the flick definitely delivered! Amazing visual effects, great story… and the action scenes–smash, crash and bam—greatness! lol there are a lot of scenes where I was worrying for the autbots’ welfare.  Plus the hot actors are a bonus as well!

I really envied Megan’s sexy bod and plump lips! She is most definitely a scene stealer hehehe… Labeouf did pretty good too, although, he acted like a weird mental… “Repeat itself. Repeat itself. Repeat itself. Repeat itself. Repeat itself” —frankly, that part is disturbing! @_@ I also cringed on the part where he went in-front of the class.

And oh yeah, Bumble Bee (who still can’t talk) is still my most fave robot of the bunch. A Bot with a personality! ^_^

Overall, it rocked.

Anyhoo, I watched it twice, the first time with my old buddies and the 2ND time with my old office mates. Funny, on both cinemas, no matter where I am, there are still a lot of annoying loud people… men and women alike who laughed sooo freaking loud! Anyway, since its the movie of the month–we are all like packed sardines in the theater! Can’t help it. So I’m planning to just buy the DVD once its available and properly enjoy it at my house.


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