How to handle a complicated friend

This is just a draft well sort of a brief explanation about a friend who I am having a current issue on.

She’s been my friend ever since college. And she is being difficult.

She is doing the cold shoulder on me when I dont even know the hell I’ve done wrong with her! I do get a gist of it or I have a theory that she feels that she was being neglected by my peers and I. But no, that is not true, I’ve always texted her—invited her on every gimmick or major occasion we have or outing etc. etc. She is always the one who is unavailable.

I don’t know the heck I should do with her. She never even greeted me on my birthday— for what? for feeling ignored? and its not even true! Geesh I hate to say it— but is that what I am to her??? Some friend! I’ve always been so nice to her– and even extra good, because I know how she gets.

It’s just pisses me off, she is freaking 26 years old! and its like she’s acting like a high school girl.

But I do miss her still. She’s always been fun to be with… and ofcourse, she is my friend.

I don’t know how will this play out between us. I did texted her about how I feel, and upto now I never heard a thing or two from her. I hope she stops being complicated.


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