My 3 day bday celebration

Just a quick summary of my birthday celebration:

I’m broke!

Lol, yes I celebrated my birthday for 3 days, but with different people.

It all began last July 3rd with my old officemates from my previous company. I really missed them all and its been a year since I last saw them. The celebration was really fun–we ate at greenbelt and then went to Bluewave after, but theres only 8 of us when there should have been many, it’s so hard to get in contact with people. Anyway, I still enjoyed the night with them and I also got a bit tipsy by the end of it.

On the 4th of July, I celebrated with my close friends. Thats the second pre-birthday celebration. We ate at Racks at Mall of Asia and went to LAX and Bluewave afterwards. There are only a few of us, six people to be exact, again its so hard to make people come to this sort of occasion. I’m the one spending and all they have to do is to attend! Sheesh! Anyway, I’m glad I get to spend it with my really close friends. Friends that are always there no matter what. Although, my very bestfriend was not able to come because she was out of town at the time. But she did call and sent loads of messages and that is more than enough atleast for me. I was also missing another friend who should also be there but that girl has serious issues, I never heard anything from her—I was kind of disappointed with that person, but that’s another story.

On my birthday! July 5th… I spent it with my family. We had lunch and ate and ate so many food LOL

My diet is ruined! And I think I gain a zillion pounds from all the food I’ve eaten for the past few days.

Oh well, I did warn myself that I will drain my pocket and gain a few pounds. And I did. Atleast, I will cherish the memories of those days for the rest of my life— hahaha


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