totally random week

Warning: Blabber and more crap ahead…

Last Monday. Watched Ice Age 3 by myself while waiting for someone who was 4 freakin’ hours late! And then sat at Starbucks and read a book… well, more like a women’s fiction book. Seriously loner day.

Tuesday. I was dead all morning. Edited and uploaded pix and stuff to the net. Totally Boring.

Wednesday. Got so fucking irritated. But kept mum about it. Crap and bunch of shittery! Also got invited by former office mates to a bon voyage dinner or coffee something, but I was so out of myself that I didn’t go, it was cancelled anyway.

Thursday. I was so weird this day. My mood scale was off the charts! I was a cuckoo! A nucking futs!

Friday. Ate dinner at Siege. DAMN i really love their Tuna Pasta, its heaven on a plate!

Saturday. Visited my friend Ana and her 2 cute babies, my godchildren (well, atleast one of them is). I was on my gift-giving visit…makes me think I’m getting older… not that I want to have a child now. I really don’t think I’m going to be good with kids, I can play with them for just a while and then get tired easily. I really can’t handle all the whining and the sugar-rush-energizer kids, I mean seriously. But I’m a very generous spoil-em-good godparent, ‘coz I’m cool like that.


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