I smiled today

I’m fed up with lies and men. And specially flirty people. It’s time to focus on myself right now. Even if I’m still pretty down lately… I guess everyone needs a good cry and I did just two days ago I cried my heart out… and feeling much better because of it, well, a little. But hey atleast I stopped moping! And after my long hours of self pity, I read Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me? hahaha thats a really good decision, it’s a very funny inspirational book. I just love how Sophie writes– very sassy and fun. That book really helped me overcome my petty sadness, so I recommend that book to anyone who is feeling pretty down.

And also listening to happy music like the Wonder Girls Nobody song really helped.

Actually, I went out to a booksale tonight. Sigh that really lifted my spirits up, & bought 7 books and got special discounts! 😀

So after my blogging I’ll be spending my night with a book and a smile.


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