Uppity Up Up

It’s that time of the month again! I hate this period! Why do women have to bleed? Seriously, it’s painful, messy and such a nuisance! Argh! I can’t help but be all grumpy and moody. So what to do when I’m feeling very very nutty? Well, go see a movie ofcourse!!! 😀

So today I finally went to see the movie UP in 3D, its been in the cinema for weeks now. Kinda cool I never tried watching a 3D movie before. The pictures are all floaty and stuff, if only they’ll let me keep the 3D shades =) hehehe. I cried on the first part of the movie… it was really sad when the old guy, Carl’s wife Ellie died. Yeah I know I’m such a softie… I always cry in the movies. The bird Kevin and the dog are really funny, specially, Russell, that boy really crack me up, its also funny ’cause when he speaks, its like he has a mouthful of spit 😀 Love the story! Up really satisfied the kid in me. Pixar is really amazing when it comes to animated films! I just love love love their work!


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