Ondoy’s Mess

Today Typhoon Ondoy visited the country bringing distraction, nonstop heavy rain falls, floodwaters, traffic, deaths and so much mess!

Luzon is flooded everywhere and there are lots of area that are so much in danger. Huge traffic jams clogged the roads as floodwaters caused many vehicles to stall. Waist-deep flood and a number of people are reported dead or missing. Metro Manila and other areas were already placed on state of calamity.

These are some of the photos that I have seen throughout the net. I will post it here in my blog.

A lot of cars were submerged in flood.

Shows waist-deep flood

This picture is taken in Makati and shows the flooded underground pass.

People walked due to lack of public transport. A lot of people are stranded.

Residents were forced to stay on the rooftops of their houses

Gen. de Jesus St

Loyola Heights, multiple cars stuck in the middle of the floodwater


Flooding was reported in many districts and on roads reported with waters in some areas reaching as high as the rooftops of one-storey buildings. Other areas are far worse than others with missing people and deaths. Many are still trapped without food as rains continue to pour down.

PAGASA added, typhoon Ondoy continues to move with a maximum sustained winds of 85 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 100 kph. and is expected to leave the country’s area of responsibility by Monday morning.

This disaster makes me think of the upcoming movie 2012


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